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2009 Playoffs Week One

I wanted to do a big thing for this week’s games, but Jamie’s birthday weekend extravaganza has dominated my time so we’ll just have to do with an abbreviated rundown:

#5 BullGators vs. #4 Las Vatas
A redux of last week’s game (these sort of doubleheaders have happened on occasion in the first week of the postseason). Las Vatas won big on that one 138-117, mostly due to a WR corps that combined for 76 points. Whether they are able to get a repeat performance could go a long way to determining the winner in this one.
The ‘Gators averaged 121.9 ppg during the regular season; Las Vatas averaged 109.9.
The BullGators are 4-2 all-time during the regular season. The last (and only) time they faced each other in the postseason was in 2005 when the ‘Gators absolutely pasted them 78-26 in AFA Bowl 8.

#6 Man of Steal vs. #3 Team Fwet
These two teams have combined for five of 11 total championships in league history as well as the last three (Steal in 2006 and 2008; Fwet in 2007).
Fwet averaged 122.9 ppg during the regular season. Steal averaged 110.4.
These two teams have never faced each other in the postseason. Fwet holds a slim 8-7 lead in regular season matchups. Fwet won their last meeting back in Week Two 131-84.

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No Transactions

Just a quick reminder – there are no transactions allowed after the end of the regular season.  I see that two teams made roster moves but such moves are not allowed and the rosters will be readjusted back to what they were before the transactions.  This rule has been in place since the league started; it’s only because of how ESPN is set up that these two got by me (I used to have more control over transactions back when we used Sportsline).  No harm, no foul.  Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware.

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2009 Transaction totals

Scrotums – $6
Saint – $18
Las Vatas – $3
Who Dat – $8
Steal – $15
‘Gators – $6
Tom – $18
Cows – $3
Amish – $24
Fwet – $21

At $1 per transaction (defined as an addition to your roster, via free agency, waiver wire or trade), there were 122 transactions, meaning, obviously, that we raised $122 in total transactions.

The only teams that need to actually pay me money at this point are the Amish, the Nation and Saint (and, of course, myself). Everyone else is still in the running and any money owed will be taken out of winnings, assuming a team actually gets any.

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Regular Season Awards

Just wanted to do a quick rundown of where some things stands.

The Cows obviously won the Barbay Division, and the $50 that goes along with it.

Tom clinched the Hickey Division by virtue of the h2h tiebreaker over Fwet. They, too, get $50.
Tom also claimed the Points Championship. And seriously, this one wasn’t even close! Tom finished the regular season with 1719 points. The next closest team was Fwet, with 1597 points. The worst team was Saint, who only managed 1325 points.

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Updated Playoff Bracket

#5 BullGators (6-7) vs. #4 Las Vatas Locas (6-7)

#6 Man of Steal (5-8) vs. #3 Team Fwet (9-4)

#1 Cows (10-3) and #2 Tom (9-4) are on bye.

I’ll certainly have more on these matchups throughout the week.

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The Bombshell

Okay, here’s what was originally stated:

Here’s how the tiebreakers look for these four:

Steal – holds tiebreakers over the Amish and the Nation.  Loses tiebreaker to Saint.

Saint – holds tiebreakers over Amish and Steal.  Loses tiebreaker to the Nation.

Amish – holds tiebreaker over the Nation.  Loses tiebreakers to Steal and Saint.

Nation – holds tiebreaker over Saint.  Loses tiebreakers to Amish and Steal.

Now, according to those tiebreakers, then yes, Saint would be advancing according to the current tiebreaking rules that say the number of tiebreakers is used, followed by a determination if any h2h tiebreakers then exist between the remaining teams. In this case, Saint and Steal each have two tiebreakers so they “advance”; then as we look at those two teams’ h2h we see that Saint defeated Steal (by two points) in h2h.


As the Scrotums also finished with a 5-8 record, they are also entitled to participate in this tiebreaker scenario so their information is then inputed. Here’s how the tiebreakers NOW look:

Steal – holds tiebreakers over the Scrotums, Amish and the Nation. Loses tiebreaker to Saint.

Saint – holds tiebreakers over Amish and Steal. Loses tiebreakers to the Scrotums and Nation.

Amish – holds tiebreaker over the Nation. Loses tiebreakers to Scrotums, Steal and Saint.

Nation – holds tiebreaker over Saint. Loses tiebreakers to Scrotums, Amish and Steal.

Scrotums – holds tiebreakers over Amish, Nation and Saint. Loses tiebreaker to Steal.

So, by my count, that means that the Scrotums and Steal both have 3 tiebreakers, Saint has 2 and the Amish and Nation have 1. (That loss by Saint this week [by two measly points!!!] dropped them down since they now have two tiebreaker losses as opposed to only one before the Scrotums needed to be taken into account.) That means that the Scrotums and Steal “advance”. Now, as we look at any determining h2h matchups we see that Steal defeated the Scrotums by 40 back in Week Six, meaning they advance to the playoffs to face Fwet and not Saint.

Sorry if this caused any confusion or heartbreak – I’m speaking directly to you, Saint.  Honestly, I had not even taken the scenarios that far down the line to even consider that the Scrotums would have an impact, yet here we are.  Talk about every single game counting.  And I was barely going to be troubled to put in a starting lineup this week given my situation.   I expect a nice present this year, Steal…

I’ll have a full bracket shortly in its own post.

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Playoff bombshell

Forget everything I wrote yesterday about the playoff matches.  Or forget at least some of it because a major announcement is forthcoming.  I’m re-checking the math right now and should have more later.

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Week 13 Scoreboard

Fwet def. Nation130-119
Cows def. Mafia133-94
Scrotums def. Dark Saint102-101
Locas def. ‘Gators138-117
If It Fitz! def. Steal147-101

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First round of playoffs

While nothing is official just yet, the playoffs will likely take one of two forms.  If Saint loses they’ll look like this:

#5 BullGators (6-7) vs. #4 Las Vatas Locas (6-7)

#6 Dark Saint (5-8) vs. #3 Team Fwet (9-4)

But if Saint wins, they’ll look like this:

#5 Dark Saint (6-7) vs. #4 Las Vatas Locas (6-7)

#6 BullGators (6-7) vs. #3 Team Fwet (9-4)

#1 seed Cows (10-3) and #2 seed Tom (9-4) are on bye regardless.

I do love me some playoffs!

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Monday Morning QB

Saint 95, Scrotums 86
Saint is in a good place, or at least a better place than his counterparts, to win going into tonight. They’ve still got McGahee while the Scrotums send out Jennings and Mason. And given how unreliable WRs tend to be when they suit up for them, Saint may be able to pull this one out. Of course, as noted previously, it may not matter as they’ll hold the tiebreaker if the other three teams finish at 5-8.

Fwet 120, Nation 112
Fwet’s got Ray Rice while the Nation’s got D/ST Ravens. I’m thinking “game over”. On the bright side, at least Who Dat won’t lose in the playoffs this year like they’ve done every year they’ve made it since 2001.

Amish 94, Cows 126
Game over. Amish are done, Cows still have Ryan Grant. Next stop – bye week for the #1 seed Cows. Have a good rest.

Las Vatas 138, ‘Gators 89
Aaron Rodgers has his work cut out for him in this one. Still 49 points would be a tall order for the guy. Point is moot though as both teams are advancing and could possibly face each other again next week. Fun fact, the ‘Gators left 117 points on the bench – ouch!

Steal 89, Tom 139
Steal’s still got D/ST Packers while Tom has K Mason Crosby. I’d say this one’s done. Tom nabs the #2 seed and the first round bye.

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