AFA Rules

Presented for your reading enjoyment, the rules for the Armchair Football Association:


AFA is a 10-team, “Internet Draft” league. There are no “keeper” players in AFA.

Starting Line-up Options

AFA is a “Mini-Flex” league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR and/or TE, 1 K, 1 DST. In this type of league you may start any combination of 3 wide receivers and/or tight ends to fill out the 3 WR/TE position.


There is a one time entry fee of $75.00 per team. Transaction fees for free agent add/drop or trades will be $1.00 per player transaction. All fees MUST be paid using PayPal or Cash two weeks prior to the draft.


1st place: $300.00

2nd place: $150.00

3rd place: $100.00

Each Division winner will be paid $50

The Points Champion (defined as the team with the highest point total at the completion of the regular season) will receive $50.

The Commissioner

The commissioner is the individual responsible for coordinating and managing the AFA.

A. Drafting Process

Live Draft

The AFA draft will be held online and shall consist of 15 rounds. The AFA draft will begin promptly at the time listed on the AFA CBS Sportsline homepage. The homepage can be found at The Live Online Draft room is accessible at In a LIVE INTERNET DRAFT, each team will have only two minutes to make their selections per round. Typically, LIVE DRAFTS can last anywhere between 2 to 4 hours, depending upon how quickly owners select their players.

Draft Lottery & Roster Limits

Draft order is determined by a weighted lottery. Opportunity will be determined based on a token system that will be based on how early you made payment. You can make dues payments upon receipt of a PayPal invoice from the commissioner.

The Annual Selection Event (commonly referred to as the Draft) will consist of 15 rounds and will be held at a date and time to be determined.  The roster to be drafted during the Annual Selection Event will be as follows:

1 Quarterback

2 Running Backs

3 Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

1 Kicker

1 Defense/Special Teams

The other seven roster spots will be filled with any position an owner chooses to select.

The selecting order will be determined by the aforementioned draft lottery. The order will be reversed for the even-numbered rounds. Each franchise owner shall select players to fill the following roster:

Every effort should be made by each and every owner to ensure that draft selections are made in a timely manner. Exceptions are made for technical glitches, but common courtesy and a desire to complete the draft in under 10 hours will require every owner to pay close attention to the draft as it’s going on and have at least two-three picks in the ready in the event that a player one wanted is no longer available.

Note: Individual defensive players are not drafted; rather, you will draft a team’s entire defensive unit. For the purpose of roster limits, each defensive unit will count as one “player.”

B. Roster Requirements

Starting Lineup Requirements

Team owners may select a starting lineup each week from their 15 players. Each team is required to start 1 (one) quarterback, 2 (two) running backs, 3 (three) wide receivers or tight ends (or any combination thereof), 1 (one) kicker and 1 (one) Defense/Special Team.

Player Bye Weeks

A player on an active roster the week that his NFL team is on bye will not accumulate any points. Careful attention should be paid to this when an owner is drafting so that they are able to field the proper amount of players in a given week.

C. Scoring System

Scoring Overview

Each week your team will compete against another team in your league in a head-to-head match up. During a matchup, each of the players in your ‘starting lineup’ (active players) for that week will earn points based on actual statistics from NFL games.

Wins & Losses

For each head-to-head match up, the team with the greater number of points will earn a Win and the team with the lesser number a Loss.

Ties and Tiebreakers

There are no ties allowed in any match-up throughout the season or postseason. In the event that the score is tied at the end of a game, the points scored by each team’s backup players are counted, and the team with the most points is declared the winner.

Every 25 passing yards 1 Every 5 pass completions 1
TD Pass 4 Interceptions Thrown -1
2pt Passing Conversion 2
Every 10 rushing yards 1 Every 5 rush attempts 1
TD Rush 6 2pt Rushing Conversion 2
Every 10 receiving yards 1 Each reception 1
TD Reception 6 2pt Receiving Conversion 2
Kickoff Return TD 6 Punt Return TD 6
Fumble Recovered for TD 6 Each Fumble Lost -1
Each PAT Made 1 FG Made (0-39 yards) 3
FG Made (40-49 yards) 4 FG Made (50+ yards) 5
FG Missed (0-39 yards) -1
Team Defense / Special Teams
Each Sack 1 Interception Return TD 6
Fumble Return TD 6 Kickoff Return TD 6
Punt Return TD 6 Blocked Punt or FG return for TD 6
Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 1 Each Interception 2
Each Fumble Recovered 2 Each Safety 2
0 points allowed 10 2-6 points allowed 7
7-13 points allowed 4 14-17 points allowed 1

AFA Regular Season

The league commissioner shall prepare a schedule.

The regular season consists of 13 games taking place between Weeks One and 13 of the NFL season.

The playoffs consist of the three games, taking place in Weeks 14-16 of the NFL season.  The teams that win their division titles receive byes for the first round of the playoffs with the third seeded team facing the sixth seeded team and the fourth seeded team facing the fifth seeded team.  The top seeded team will face the lowest seeded team remaining after the first round of games while the second seeded team will face the second lowest seeded team remaining after the first round of games.

The schedule is designed so that every team will play their divisional opponents twice and non-divisional teams once during the regular season.

Divisional Composition

The Commissioner is the arbiter for deciding team assignments into divisions. Though no changes are expected to the current divisional alignments at this point, the commissioner reserves the right to make changes to the division as he sees fit. No divisional shifts will be implemented during the regular season; any changes are undertaken during the summer before the coming season.

Tiebreaker System

The following is a tiebreaker scenario should two or more teams finish with identical records at the end of the season.
1) Overall record
2) Head-to-head record
3) Head-to-head points,
4) Divisional record (if opponents are in the same division, otherwise, tiebreaker #4 does not apply)
5) Number of tiebreakers held against teams in tiebreaker scenario grouping (to be utilized when four or more teams have cancelling head-to-head tiebreakers [i.e. Team A has a tiebreaker over Team B, who has a tiebreaker over Team C, who has a tiebreaker over Team D, who has a tiebreaker over Team A]). If a team holds more tiebreakers over the other teams in that grouping, that team advances. This process continues until all remaining teams hold the same number of tiebreakers, at which point the tiebreakers are reviewed to determine if any other team is eliminated if they no longer hold tiebreakers against the remaining teams in the group. At this point, if remaining teams have cancelling head-to-head tiebreakers, we advance to #6.
6) Total points scored the entire season
7) Team with lower draft position advances (one is high).

AFA Playoffs

The teams that win their division titles receive byes for the first round of the playoffs (to coincide with Week 14 of the NFL season) with the third seeded team facing the sixth seeded team and the fourth seeded team facing the fifth seeded team.  The top two teams are on bye and do not field a team this week.  In the second week of the playoffs, the top seeded team will face the lowest seeded team remaining after the first round of games while the second seeded team will face the second lowest seeded team remaining after the first round of games (to coincide with Week 15 of the NFL season).  The winners of these two matches face each other in the championship game while the two losers face off in the Hicks Invitational (to coincide wtih Week 16 of the NFL Season). The winner of the championship game is crowned the winner and the loser of the championship game is deemed to have finished second in the league. The winner of the Hicks Invitational will be slotted as having finished third.

E. Lineup Changes and Deadlines

Weekly Lineups

Each week team owners have the opportunity to select their starting lineup for the week. All lineup changes must be submitted by the team owner through the Sportsline website. Team owners only must submit a player as a starter 10 minutes prior to the time that player’s game begins. For example, if you have a player playing in a Thursday game, you can either submit just that player in time for their Thursday game, or you can submit your entire lineup. Once a player’s game begins, he will be locked in your lineup, but you will be able to make changes to your other starters all the way up until their respective games begin. Suppose you have two players on a Monday Night Football game, and you are unsure which one will be starting. You are able to wait all the way up until 10 minutes before kick off to finally choose your starter for that game. *** If an owner doesn’t set their lineup for a particular week, the owner’s lineup from the previous week(s) will be used.


Any owner who willfully fails to submit a legitimate starting lineup two times in a given season will be removed from the league and will forfeit all funds/winnings due. The definition of a legitimate lineup is one where there are no injured players or players on bye in the starting lineup.  Exceptions to this rule may be made at the discretion of the commissioner (including, but not limited to, a late injury scratch or if an owner contacts the commissioner to offer an explanation).

Deadline to Change Status

You can change the status of the players on your team (i.e., “active” or “reserve”) up to 10 minutes before that player’s NFL team is scheduled to start. Once a player’s game begins, he will be locked in your lineup. While there are benefits to last minute research, please play it safe and change the status well before this 10-minute window arrives. Norbert Rule: In case of technical difficulties you can email or call the commissioner but the 10-minute Rule still applies. Do not call and say that you have been trying for 15 minutes… There will be ABSOLUTELY NO deviations.

Free Agents

If a player is not on a fantasy team, he is considered a free agent available on the waiver wire. Throughout the season you may want to improve your roster by adding available free agents and dropping players who aren’t performing up to your expectations. There is no limit to the number of transactions you can make, however, there is a transaction fee of $1.00 for each free agent addition.

Add/Drop Procedure

For the first three weeks of the season, the waiver wire is first come/first served. After this period (starting after the week four games) the worst teams have first dibs (limit one pickup per team) on available free agents until noon on Thursday, with the “Power Rankings” found on the Sportsline site used to determine the order of teams. After noon on Thursday, it’s first-come, first-served (with no move limit) until the kickoff of first NFL game of the week (excluding occasional Thursday night games.) If an owner wants a player that has played in a Thursday night game, that player is not available for pickup until the end of games on Monday night. The individual owners must handle all add/drops through the Sportsline software, however the commissioner must approve all transactions. Each pickup of a player requires dropping a player on the current roster.


Player trades between two or more AFA team owners are permitted. Owners may not make trades during the off-season. All trades must be initiated and accepted through the Sportsline website. Once a trade is agreed upon by two owners and approved by the AFA Commissioner, it is executed immediately. All trades are FREE for the first five weeks of the regular season.  After Week Five, each team is charged $1 for each player added to their respective rosters, so, for example, in a four player trade between two teams, each franchise would be responsible for $2 worth of transactions. All trades can be vetoed if it is decided by the commissioner to be a dishonest trade. However, the commissioner can be overruled by a majority vote by the owners.


There will be no trades between two or more teams after the 9th of November, 2008. However, free agent/waiver wire aquisitions will continue throughout the regular season. No free agent/waiver wire acquistions will take place after the completion of the regular season.


As we enter our eleventh year, it is to be understood that there have been a number of versions and tweaks and alterations to various rules through the years.  It is with that understanding that I, the commissioner, do ask that any and all discrepancies that are found in the rules be brought to my attention, so that I may correct or clarify them.  Also, I ask that every owner understand that any discrepancies that are found are not meant to be an effort on my part to cheat or mislead or screw anyone.  Seriously, if you find one, let me know, but please, don’t for a second think that I’m attempting anything underhanded; I’m simply a guy who runs a league while also dealing with a wife, two kids,  a full-time job and twenty other things I have no intention of boring you with.



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