Posted by: budpaul | December 29, 2009

Tom is 2009 AFA Bowl Champion!

Final score 141-126.  Great day all around for his team as McNabb posted 29 while Chris Johnson and MJD combined for 45.  And the best part about Tom winning?  I’ll be able to collect on league dues back from 2006 when I misplaced his check (and subsequently found it years later but didn’t cash it since I wasn’t sure if it was any good anymore).

So, after playing in my leagues for TEN years, Tom finally won the championship.  And the Browns are riding a three-game winning streak (which I think long term isn’t so great since it means that Holmgren will likely stick with Mangini when they need to cut bait and start fresh) AND I get to collect on a three year old debt!! It’s Christmas miracles everywhere!!


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