Posted by: budpaul | December 29, 2009


Here’s the breakdown of who gets what as far as money goes:

Tom – $300 (league championship), $50 (points championship), $50 (division championship), -$18 (transactions), -$65 (2006 dues); TOTAL: $317

‘Gators – $150 (league runner-up), -$6 (transactions); TOTAL: $144

Fwet – $100 (consolation game winner), -$21 (transactions); TOTAL: $79

Cows – $50 (division championship), -$3 (transactions); TOTAL $47

Also, in an effort to save on PayPal transaction fees, (for teams that did not win any money but owe fees) I’m going to forward the transaction dues for the 2009 season into next season’s 2010 dues.  So, for instance, Saint owes $18 in transactions so I’ll simply invoice him next year for the 2010 dues plus $18.  Sound good?

I’ll get payments out to all the teams shortly.  Be checking your email.

UPDATE: Payment has gone out to the Cows, Fwet and the ‘Gators.  I’ll hand deliver Tom’s winnings as I’ll see him sometime in the next couple of weeks (and I don’t think he’s got a PayPal account).



  1. Hooray! I want to spend my $79 on an LT Fat Head. If I could ever get a first round pick that wasn’t crap, I might actually won a few more titles.

  2. Paul,

    As you and I discussed before….As it pertains to the 2006 either lost the check or washed it, I believe, so no do not take out my winnings for that….

    Sorry partner…I paid and you mishandled…LMFAO, You are still trying to get that money……



    I am the *ucking Champ son….You should get a fat head of me……

    See you chump ass next year!!!!!


    • I actually still have the check. It’s just that sometimes banks are a bit screwy when a check is over six months old (this one was dated August of 2007). Now, I can either try to cash it or I can just take what you owe me out of your winnings. I’d rather the latter but will do the former if you wish.

  3. Go ahead and take out the $65.00…That will be fine………


  4. Thanks for the quick payout. In the future, have you considered on-line billpay through the banks? It’s free and a payment can be made to anybody. It would completely eliminate any Paypal fees.

    • An interesting idea. I guess that I’d just need everyone’s contact information. But that only works on my end – everyone else would need to get me their money like that as well, otherwise it’s back to waiting on people to send checks or once again doing the PayPal thing and having to transfer funds into my bank account. Not insurmountable, and something to consider.

  5. it doesn’t matter to me! I just walk over, hand you a check or cash, and drink some of your beer…

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