Posted by: budpaul | December 27, 2009

Tom on their way to first title

Technically, it’s not over. The ‘Gators still have Adrian Peterson, and he’s been known to go big on points on occasion, but for all intents and purposes, Tom has claimed their first championship.
The score is currently 141-95. Something that very much hurt the ‘Gators was the fact that their kicker, Nick Folk, was cut last week by the Cowboys and they didn’t have a backup kicker on the roster, so they went scoreless at that position. Granted, Folk has been the very definition of mediocrity as he’s averaged 6.5 ppg (and not scored in double digits since Week 7), but perhaps a good day was upon him. Couple that with a stellar night by AP tomorrow and this one could have been interesting. But, barring a monster 46-point game (he scored 43 in the season opener) this one is over and Tom will claim his first ever league title.



  1. I am hoping for the best………….

  2. I’m pulling for Tom. I want to be the only three-time winner!

  3. Congrats to Tom. It’s just not the Gaytors’ year. Urban Cryer and the Son of Christ choke it up, then have a nervous breakdown and now this.

    The good people of Cleveland deserve a title. It’s the only one they’ll get any time soon.

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