Posted by: budpaul | December 20, 2009

Semifinal Playoffs update

Sorry for the lack of posting on this semifinal week. I’ve just been so bummed/disgusted over that Saturday game that I have barely even turned on football and have just barely been checking scores.

Anyway, as we all prep for Sunday night (I’m watching Survivor as I have no interest in watching Carolina NOT come through for us) one team is officially in – TOM has qualified for the championship game for the first time since 2004. It’s been a tale of two games – one very high scoring while the other has been a clinic in low scoring. The Cows/’Gators game still has players to go so Tom will have to wait to see who they’ll be facing. Might it be a repeat of that 2004 game when they got smacked by the nigh-unstoppable ‘Gators? Check back soon…

EDIT:  All props to Carolina tonight.  I didn’t watch the game and only saw that the Panthers were up in the fourth quarter when I was checking on the Cows/’Gators game.  Weird season…



  1. CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Don’t be down the Saints are 13-1 for goodness sake…

    But I did tell you at lunch last week,that they were soft and they will not win a playoff game…..

    • Eh, I wouldn’t call them soft. The injuries have just flat out taken their toll. It appears that we’ll be getting the guys we need back within the next few weeks. Sure wouldn’t be a bad thing to finish strong though.

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