Posted by: budpaul | December 15, 2009

What is CJ worth?

I had a good conversation yesterday with one of my owners who is somewhat skeptical of switching to an auction draft next season.  I actually think he is starting to see the light on the system with the very simple reason – anyone can have Chris Johnson and not just the team lucky enough to nab the first pick in the draft.  It all comes down to how much CJ is worth to you.

In a standard auction draft, every team is allotted $200.  That money is all a team has to build a 14-player squad.  How that money is spent is totally up to each owner.  Technically, a team could choose to drop $187 on CJ, which would mean they’d have to fill the rest of their roster with $1 players.  Not the smartest of strategies, but hey, give it a shot and see how it goes.  Anyway, so a team has $200 to spend, and a top RB like CJ would usually go for about $55-60.  But is he worth just a bit more if you really want him as the foundation of your team?  Do you spend $65?  And if so, is another team willing to inch it up to $66?  That’s the fun of auction drafting – you get to decide what a player is worth!  You get to build the team that you want to build without hoping that a player falls to your draft slot.

Plus the nature of the auction means that every team is paying attention to every pick because every team can have any player as long as they have the money.  C’mon, you know the teams that have picks in the #1 or #10 slot tend to get more than a bit bored after they make their picks and have to wait 19 picks for their turn again.  Now, every team has to pay attention to every player and consider whether that guy would be a good fit for their team at a given price.

This is likely the start of what I hope is a continuing series on the awesomeness of auctions.  I’ll have more another time.



  1. Hey, I’m all for the auction draft. As it will only be my 3rd season of doing this, I’m pretty impartial to which way we go. The Auction Draft will definitely involve way more strategy in drafting players for your team.

    Let’s give it a shot.

  2. We’ll just have to make sure everyone is there on time for drafts!

  3. If I spend all my money too soon and can’t fill my roster can I get a stimulus plan passed so I can get some extra cash?

    • borrowing money that technically doesn’t exist seems to be the trend! If you can get a bill passed in congress, go for it! Now’s the time, since congress is in “give money away” mode right now.

      Of course, the stimulous loan will be in fantasy dollars, and you will technically be creating fantasy jobs for fantasy players who would otherwise be left unemployed.

  4. You can actually only spend as much money so that you’ll have enough left to fill out your roster. So, if you need to fill a roster with 14 players that means that the maximum you can bid is $187 since you’d need $1 each to fill out the other 13 slots.

  5. I wouldn’t mind trying an auction draft, but here is the problem with it as it applies to our league.

    We all remember the near debacle from last years and prior years drafts. Getting everyone online and STAYING online throughout the entire draft. Some of us still have crappy computers, and in all likelyhood, will continue to have the same crappy computers come next year’s draft.

    If everyone was sitting in the same room, the auction could be fun. But in my humble opinion, the logistics of all the owners being scattered, computer connection problems, the availablity of all of the owners being present for the draft, and the high probability of some of the owners not fully understanding what an auction draft entails and how to draft a team, I don’t think the auction draft is feasable.

  6. And I’ll be honest and humble, I’m gonna suck the first year or three, because I have no experience on how to prepare for an auction draft and how to run the team throughout the season. It will be a total learning process for me.

  7. Running the team throughout the season after the auction is exactly the same as what you do now.
    As for getting everyone online, perhaps certain people should possibly plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to drive home. But that’s just a thought…
    And here’s another thought – perhaps two of the owners could come up for a visit since you’ve never actually been here…

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