Posted by: budpaul | December 14, 2009

Monday Morning QB

After Sunday we know one thing for certain – Steal will not repeat of AFA champion. With Fwet still sending out Kurt Warner tonight and Steal finished the score currently sits at 90-83 with Fwet in the lead. Fwet will face Tom next week in the semi-final round.

As for Las Vatas/’Gators, well, that’s gonna be a tough one. Las Vatas has Vernon Davis heading out tonight while the ‘Gators have Frank Gore. Las Vatas has a 110-109 lead. Dating back to SF’s Week Six bye week, Gore has outscored Davis four out of seven times. Last week, Davis put up 23 while Gore only managed 10. The Week before Gore put up 20 while Davis managed 18. The week before that Davis posted 22 while Gore had 15. This one will likely come down to the wire. One thing that may work in Las Vatas’ favor – they’re playing the Cardinals tonight, and they’re a team that knows how to score, so if the Niners fall behind they’ll likely be throwing the ball a lot, which would obviously benefit Davis. Something to keep an eye on. The winner will face the Cows next week.



  1. I’m going to beat the ever-living piss out of Tom. It won’t be close. The Mistakes on the Lake will go down in a flaming heap just like every other Cleveland team.

    There won’t be this many tears shed again in Northern Ohio until… well, it won’t be that long, until Lebron leaves for the Knicks.

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