Posted by: budpaul | December 13, 2009

Sunday playoff action

Steal 80, Fwet 88
5:49 – Long story short, Steal needs Roy Williams to step up huge if they hope to pull this one out. Williams is the only player left for Steal while Fwet still has Miles Austin and some dude at QB you may have heard of playing tomorrow night – Kurt Warner. Ten years after he burst onto the scene in the ’99 season for the Rams the dude is still a fantasy monster. Steal will need one heck of a cushion if they have any hope of defending their title.
6:15 – Oomph, that was a backbreaker for the defending champion. That Austin TD put Fwet up by 8 as the clock continues to tick away.

Las Vatas 108, ‘Gators 80
5:51 – I watched the early games and saw how big of a lead Las Vatas put up. Well, several hours later and that lead is still holding up. They’ll look to pad the lead a bit with K Rob Bironas still going while waiting for Vernon Davis tomorrow night. The ‘Gators have Jason Witten and Nick Folk going right now and have the D/ST Eagles tonight and Frank Gore tomorrow so there’s still a lot of game to go. Still, Las Vatas has to like their situation right now.
6:44 – Bironas is having a heckuva day. He’s got 17 with some time still left; it’s his highest total of the season.



  1. See ya Tin Foil. Try not to get tazed this offseason.

  2. Not sweating this loss. I didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs with my record and I barely was able to field enough bodies for a roster. Over the last 4 weeks my roster has fallen apart with injuries, suspensions, and deactivations. Not the place to be at the end of the season. Oh, well. Time to watch the Saints.

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