Posted by: budpaul | August 12, 2009

Auction draft fun

The more I think about it, the more I think we might go to an auction style draft for the 2010 season.  For those who have never participated in one, but would like to see what it’s like, you can check out a mock auction draft at  Don’t pick snake draft; look for “auction” draft.

The rules are fairly simple – you want a player, then you get him … if you’re willing to pay.  In a standard draft, there are maybe two teams that have a shot at the consensus top pick, Adrian Peterson.  In an auction draft, every team has a shot at him.  Every team has a set budget (usually $200), and from there you use that money to build a team.  I’ve done one in the past (and am thinking of running a second league just to do an auction draft).  They really are that fun.

Heh, I’m doing one right now and AP is the first player up.  He just went for $64.  Too rich for my blood.  Now we’re bidding on Fitzgerald.  Ugh, too high again – $47.  I refuse to spend 25% of my budget on a WR.  And so it goes. 

Anyway, go check it out and see what you think.  There’s just so much more strategy in this then the blind luck that comes often goes with a snake draft.

UPDATE:  Man, you can really get rolling with the bidding if you’re not careful.  I paid $57 for Matt Forte because I was feeling the pressure to get a top RB.  Then I just dropped $45 on LT, so 50% of my budget has gone to RBs.  Not bad, but with only $98 left, I have to be careful.

Oh, Brees is up.  WOW – somebody just bought him for $145 – that’s outrageous!!!  A team just blew 75% of his budget on one player.  Preposterous!  The guy also paid $41 on DeAngelo Williams.  So he’s got $14 to spend on the rest of his team, which in the real world would mean he’ll only have $1 a piece to fill out the rest of his roster.  Good luck with that.

Huh, some dickless idiot just spent $11 on a kicker.  First rule of auction draft – you never spend more the $5 on a kicker, no matter who he is.  Dummy. 

And I picked up Steve Smith for $32.  Andre Johnson when right after him for $48, so I think that’s a pretty good value.  I’m looking for another solid WR and then we’ll see how much cash I’ve got for a QB.

I grabbed Greg Jennings for $37.  I might have overpaid.  This was sort of a case of me trying to drive up a bid.  I’ve now got $29 to fill out my roster.  Oh, and Peyton just went of the board for $31.  A steal…  So right now I find myself with a roster of Forte, LT, Steve Smith and Greg Jennings.  I’m bound to be able to get a solid QB for under $20 the way this is shaking out.  I challenge anyone to draft a team like that in a regular snake draft.
Yup, as predicted, i just got Warner for $18. So, there’s my core roster. I think I overpaid for Jennings, but got Warner at a great price. Unfortunately, I’ll be filling out the rest of my roster with $1 players, but mine is about as good a foundation as any.

Uh, wait a tic – I just saw that the five guys that I picked up have their byes in Weeks 4 and 5. If this were a real team, I’d be in some trouble.
Oh, and Joe Flacco just went for $2. That’s a steal.

Just go ahead and give it a try. I think you’ll like it.



  1. I think I will skip auctions this year.

  2. it’s pretty fun until you are broke by round 6… it’s all down hill from there…

  3. i’d be fair game to go this way, but, it really changes the strategy a bit.

  4. I think it’s important to remember that during auction drafts that it’s dangerous to get so passionate about any one player. Overpaying is not uncommon, but making others overpay early is a solid strategy, that way you get guys like Flacco on the cheap.

    Next season I would imagine that you’ll take the lessons learned and make others pay. Good Luck.

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