Posted by: teamfwet | September 21, 2008

106-38? Wow, Scrotums really crapped the bed today

LMAO. Game of the week? Not so much. Fwet once again dominates. 3-0 and cruising.

Not much else to say other than to laugh at Tom for starting Matt Cassel. WTF? Just when you think a team can’t get any dumber. How about dem Browns? They look only slightly less competent than the Saints.

Budpaul:  No doubt, this was a whoopin’ no matter how you look at it.  After carrying my team for the first two weeks my Big Three (McNabb, Westbrook and Parker) comes up super-lame with injuries and inconsistency.  Really, it was an ugly day.  After averaging something like 70 points together they only managed 23 today.  Couple that with another pitiful performance by second rounder Braylon Edwards and that’s a recipe for some serious hurting.  Oh well, I guess if my guys are gonna lay some eggs, they might as well do it all in one week and hope that Westbrook suffered only a minor ankle issue and will be back next week.  The current score is 135-57.

Now, excuse me as I’m too depressed after this loss and the Saints’ loss to post anymore tonight.  Honestly, if there were any real Saints fans out there, they’d be waiting at the airport so that they could take a bat to Grammatica’s knees as soon as he got off the plane.  Piece of crap…



  1. I blame the shitty OL more than Drammatica. If they could block worth a crap, we would have gained a yard and run the clock out and had a closer kick.

    OL lost this game.

  2. Was watching NFL Gameday on NFL Network this morning. Deion Sanders pegged it why Grammatica missed the kick. Weatherford was wearing a watch and a gold ring on his left hand while he was holding the ball.

    In reality, it didn’t appear to be a very good hold. The ball was slanted to the right quite a bit (25-45 degrees). Gotta believe that had something to do with it. The ball went the way it was pointed.

  3. Who the hell is Deoin Sanders to be talking about players wearing jewelry on the field. His ass used to wear Mr. T type gold chains while he played. I blame the announcers for pointing out earlier in the game that “Grammatica has not missed since the Saints acquired him.” Talk about the kiss of death.

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